Make Your Penis Longer Now – Is it Really Kick-Ass?

Penis Enlargement Bible has changed my life forever. How? Let’s wind the clock back a bit. I’ve always been kind of self-conscious about my penis. Being of below average size, I’ve always had “locker room syndrome” that makes me incredibly nervous to be naked or in my underwear around other men. This has meant for me that I won’t change while I’m at the gym; I don’t even like being in my boxer briefs where someone else can see me. While I doubt that anyone would truly make fun of me, as most grown men aren’t peering at each other’s packages, years of abuse and ridicule in high school and college made being part of a sports team a traumatic experience.

I haven’t had better luck with my confidence around women either. As a successful 29-year-old man, I would love to get married and start a family, but my dating life is a nightmare that leaves me feeling anxious about rejection. Since I’m very tall (6’2) and wear a size 12 shoe, women assume I have a larger size penis, and every time I get to the bedroom with a woman for the first time, I can sense the disappointment and it has made sexual contact really embarrassing for me. I wish it was just me, but the women I’ve slept with do care. I’ve been dumped and laughed at about my penis size, and other times I’ve been iced out after sleeping with someone for the first time with zero explanation.

big penis matters

Because I feel so self-conscious and unable to enjoy sex, my performance is hit or miss (mostly miss) and sexual encounters often feel unsalvageable. I don’t have the confidence to be a better lover when I feel like my vitality and manliness are in question because of my small size. John Collins is the author of this book Penis Enlargement Bible which will improve your sex life forever.

Finding the Safe & Proven Solution

Over the years, I’ve done lots of research on countless penis enlargement methods, and found the penis enlargement marker to be very predatory. I may have a 3 ½ inch penis, but I’m not gullible, nor am I an idiot because of this fact. It is insulting that companies pedaling penis enlargement solutions assume that men with small penises are not only desperate, but are also of lesser intelligence and willing to accept scientifically unproven—and often damaging—methods.  Again, another factor that makes me feel badly and diminishes my self-esteem. Right now, there are many products in the market for Penis enlargement. Let’s explore each and every option.

Why Not Penis Pumps?

I started my research with what seemed like the most plausible solution to help with penis enlargement; vacuum pumps. These have been around forever, so I thought that perhaps that was the case for a good reason. Penis pumps use negative pressure to increase blood flow to the penis, causing the blood vessels to swell. While these can be ideal for erectile dysfunction, there is truly no use of these types of products for elongating the penis. There are more negative effects than positive ones. While penis pumps can make the penis swell and appear slightly larger after a 30-minute session, it also makes the penis feel numb and uncomfortable, with the swelling going down very quickly.

Penis pumps have a lot of dangers, and from what I’ve read from medical experts, overuse can damage the penis elasticity within the penile tissue, which can cause erections that are less engorged and stiff.  Furthermore, penis pumps can be incredibly damaging. If they don’t have a vacuum limiter to limit the negative pressure within the pump by letting a bit of air in, the penis can become bruised, leading to pain, and even serious tissue damage, cut-off circulation, or worse.

Why Not Penis Enhancement Pills?

My next thought was to look into pills designed for penis enlargement. The idea behind many of these pills is that they will increase blood flow to the penis while dilating penile blood vessels and keeping them dilated for longer. Many pills included strange herbs that I had never heard of, but when I research them, I was met with resounding evidence that not only are many of these ingredients worthless, but some of them are also potentially harmful to the body. It seems that these companies spend more on marketing than they do on researching and developing products that actually work. I’ll take a pass on that.

Why Not Penis Enhancement Lotions?

The concept of penis enlargement creams was the most laughable. They are meant to penetrate the skin and make the blood vessels dilate, warming them and encouraging circulation. Yeah right. How is a cream going to penetrate my skin enough to get into the bloodstream and dilate blood vessels? And would I even WANT that stuff in my bloodstream? Probably not.

Why Not Penile Stretching Devices?

Penile stretching devices seemed the scariest to me. Penis enlargement companies have created a multitude of pretty intense looking devices that basically use traction to leverage the device and pull the penis away from the body. Ouch.

In studies done about the various penile devices, most found that penis size was increased when the penis is flaccid with growth of mere millimeters reported while erect. Less than a quarter inch of growth after using an uncomfortable and cumbersome device on my penis? No thanks. With the risk or creating scar tissue, nerve damage, vein thrombosis, or other penile deformities, this was another method that I decided to pass on. No medieval-style torture needed.

Why Not a Penis Enlargement Surgery?

This is the most extreme option: surgery. It is really extreme, and something that I’ve never thought of as an actual option (especially once I found out how it is done and how low the success rate is). There are two primary methods of enlarging the penis surgically; cutting the ligaments, then using weights designed to stretch the penis in subsequent months to permanently elongate the penis. The other method implants fat cells into the penis, or to place a dermal implant under the surface of the skin.

Here is why these procedures are incredibly problematic. First of all, opening up the penis for surgery opens you up to risk of infection, which can cause tissue death and even loss of the penis. More common issues are damage to nerves—causing extreme pain or loss of sensation—as well as damage to the tissue, potentially causing the loss of ability to sustain an erection. The injection of fat can cause a bumpy appearance to the penis, if it does not disperse properly.  Fat can even be re-absorbed into the body, making the penis look irregular. Overall, the success rate is really low and the cost of these surgeries is really high. Once again, a bigger impact is made to the flaccid length, with an average of ½ an inch of growth when erect. Probably not worthwhile considering the risks and cost involve.

Which is the Most Effective and Promising Method then?

penis enlargement bible

So with all of that negativity, what should I do? It seems like there are no realistic solutions, and for an educated guy like myself, I felt there was no reason to trust anyone claiming to be an expert. However, looking for a source of information to see if my conclusions on penile enlargement might change, I stumbled upon the Penis Enlargement Bible. Its a 94 page eBook. I enjoy reading about the topic, and I didn’t feel like simply purchasing the Penis Enlargement Bible would make me a gullible or foolish consumer.

Once I purchased this Penis Enlargement Bible, I read it in one evening, and found myself feeling a little bit of hope that I wasn’t stuck with my small penis forever. What I read in this book were facts that I had never heard before; things that predatory companies selling penis enlargement products probably don’t want to be common knowledge, as it would reduce the (already small) chance of them getting and keeping customers.

The writing in the Penis Enlargement Bible is clear and informative. They confirmed many of the issues with other methods that I’ve noted above, which made me happy that I never wasted my time with those useless products. I felt like the writer of the Penis Enlargement Bible, John Collins did his research and wrote the book after finding tried-and-true methods that were proven. I put some thought into it, and decided that I was ready to start the journey to a larger penis.

Penis Enlargement Bible book indicates that you should use this method for at least 60 days, and can use it on an ongoing basis. I decided that I would give it 60 days of applying the methods outlined in the book, and decide from there if I should continue or not. But the truth is i saw splendid results in the first 40 days itself. By following the tricks in Penis Enlargement Bible my penis began to get wider and longer, and when I got an erection, it seemed harder and firmer. When I took my measurements, I found that my penis had increased by almost an inch and a half. Cheers to Penis Enlargement Bible.

I have continued using the methods outlined in the Penis Enlargement Bible, and I have read it a second and third time. After the three-month mark, my growth had continued, albeit a little bit more slowly. I have now seen a total growth of 2 1/8 inches. I am a little under 5 ¾ inches long while erect now, and significantly thicker. I am absolutely stunned when I look at myself naked; I’m longer both flaccid and erect. I was definitely unsure at first if the methods were working, but now that I’ve seen such insane growth, I’m so glad I pushed through those feelings of uncertainty. I must admit that Penis Enlargement Bible made a huge impact on my sex life.

I no longer feel inadequate, and while I’m still getting used to my below average penis being within the average length range, my self-esteem has soared. I’ve been doing a lot more online dating now, and I no longer self-sabotage relationships before we become intimate. I’ve had sex with two women, one of which is now my steady girlfriend of four months. She literally didn’t believe me when I told her I used to have a 3 ½ inch penis. I showed her a photo that I took before I started using the methods from the Penis Enlargement Bible, and she still didn’t believe that it was me at first (and thought I had a picture of another man’s penis on my phone—embarrassing!) but when I showed her the eBook and what I had been doing, she thought that it was awesome.

Benefits of Penis Enlargement Bible Guide

  1. Minimum 2′ inches of Growth is Guaranteed
  2. No Side Effects
  3. 60-day Money back Guarantee
  4. Offers 2 Exclusive Bonuses
  5. It also solves Premature Ejaculation

Penis Enlargement Bible is an elixir to boost our self-confidence as well as our sex life. I’ve never had a woman tell me my penis feels big before, so when my girlfriend told me so, it really gave me an insane confidence boost that I thought I would never feel. My sexual performance has improved because I finally don’t feel self-conscious, or like I can’t possibly please anyone due to the size of my penis. I now have a much higher sex drive, and I want to please my girlfriend as much as I possibly can. I had never made a woman climax during vaginal intercourse before, and for a guy who lived his entire adult life feeling like a disappointment in the sack, that is really the most rewarding experience. Thanks to my friend, Charlie who told me about this tremendous book Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins.

Penis Enlargement Bible is not a scam. It is a product which you can buy from a leading online marketplace, Clickbank. They do accept Paypal and Credit Cards. If you’ve tried everything and given up, I implore you to try this one last thing, Penis Enlargement Bible. If you’re like me and you have decided that you’re too smart to waste your time and money with gimmicks, consider letting your guard down. At the very least, Penis Enlargement Bible will help you research what doesn’t work, and try something new on your own. No weird devices, no pills, and no creams. After all, advantages of having a small dick are NONE. Its worth it, it works, and your intimate relationships and confidence will definitely improve.

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